Commercial/Business Law

All types of corporate advisory services.

Providing practical & pragmatic business solutions to complex multi disciplinary legal problems which hamper your business efforts.

Documentation and advice on formation of Companies, Firms, Partnership deeds, Joint Ventures, amalgamations, mergers, de-mergers, Commercial agreements, business agreements, franchise agreements, International agreements etc.

Registration of Trade Marks, IPR, Copyright, Brand names, logo.

Launching and defending matters pertaining to the violation of Trade Marks, Patents, Copy rights. Handling the cases pertaining to violation and infringement of Trade Marks, patents, Brand name, Copy Rights. Preventing the duplicacy of products, trade marks, patents through legal proceedings and launching the litigation against violators. Trade mark search, registration, infringement litigation, enforcement of registrations of the trade marks, opposition & registration services for the trade marks, patents, designs, logos.

Design – registration and protection services.

Copy right- registration and protection services.

MRTP matters. Launching and defending Consumer Protection Act matters on behalf of the business houses.

Mortgages, Insolvency, Indemnity,

Negotiable Instruments Act- Bouncing of Cheques, Dishnour of cheques, non refund of money.

Debt Recovery matters, Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) matters.

Recovery of money, bills, dues, debts, advances, Securities, commercial debt collection services, recovery of past dues & receivables, unpaid invoices, debt collection.

Credit reports and debt purchases, debt collection financial risk management.

All types of civil and commercial disputes during the business process and business activities.

Specific performance of contracts-enforcement of contracts-agreements.

Participation in all arbitration matters pertaining to business deals and business disputes.

Negotiations, acting as Attorneys on behalf of the business houses.

All types of Tender matters- launching and contesting litigation for non allotment of tenders, non payment in the tender matters, disputes in tender matters.

SEBI matters, Share, Debentures – dispute regarding holdings and allotment of the shares.
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